Thank you for purchasing the The Addams Family THING light board.

To install the board, please remove the speaker panel from the header box of your machine.

Next, remove the ColorDMD display.

Place the new board in position (wires pointing toward the bottom of the speaker panel) on the back of the speaker panel. Center the board over the "thing" holes. With a pencil, make a mark through each installation. The pencil marks should each be centered between two holes.

Lift the board and set it aside.

Next, using a 1/16 inch bit, drill two shallow holes - one at each pencil mark.

Place the board back in position and using the two included screws, gently screw the board to the speaker panel.

Reinstall your ColorDMD

Lastly, remove the 9-pin connector from the back of the ColorDMD panel and attach it to the connector on your new THING board.

Put your speaker panel back in place and you're all set!

Thank you and enjoy!