Thank you for purchasing the Jurassic Park Gate Mod.

To begin, please remove and hang on to the two bolts that attach the original gate to the ramp.

Next, lift the playfield and trace the red and yellow hookup wires from the plastic gate to where they connect below the playfield.

You will need to cut or desolder the wires that lead from the gate and remove the gate from the playfield. Be careful not to remove the other wires that attach to this same location.

Next, lower the playfield. Using the bolts that held the original gate in place, install the new gate mod on to the ramp. There is a hole in the playfield a few inches behind the gate that you can run the new cables through and below the playfield.

Lift the playfield again and locate the connection where you just removed the original gate wires. Using the images on this page as a reference, connect the red and black clips to the connector. For a more secure connection, I recommend cutting the alligator clips off of the wires, stripping the ends and soldering the wires in place.

Thank you and enjoy!